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Finland 2007 moleskin journal, and the first scrawlings of a story that would eventually be my first published story in 2014.

Found in a box, hardly decipherable in parts, and quite unlike what it became, as far as I can read.

Pages smell strongly like linseed oil.

That’s all.

Lay Down The Dark Layers

(But, also, I feel old tonight and wondering what I was doing for so long)

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Last month you knew the grand children
even though you had trouble remembering their names
which daughter they belonged to
Last week impeccable you
walked into the lounge
with your patterned jersey on backwards
and your black trousers on under your jeans
Today you can’t remember
who your son in law is – the father of my children
Like the family photo in ‘Back to the Future’
We are being erased
and no time travel will save us
No flux capacitor will bring you back
We love you Mum
We are and will be with you
the whole way
wherever you go
Even if you don’t know who we are
or where we are
We will be there with you.


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If it’s Monday, I must be home. . . .

This post of Mary’s includes the clever, funny video ‘Scared is Scared’.

If it’s Monday, I must be home. . . ..


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A Very Different Art

I stress, this art is for sale.

This art for sale gives me stress.

The image is distressed

deliberately, I stress.


An idea creates energy

With this energy I create

something worth sharing

I think.


Transformed from artist to salesperson

Mistress of my situation

I discover

sales is a very different art.


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Little Sister

Little Sister

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November 30, 2012 · 1:44 am

Bridge or Tunnel?

Bridge or Tunnel?

So much seems to be about perspective.

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November 20, 2012 · 9:58 pm

Fairy Wings

Her tiny hand extends to that of a tall thin man, no doubt her father, judging by the similarity of their smiles and the familiar way their arms swing together.

That aside, what captures me, is her outfit. A gorgeous bright multi-coloured tutu, all gauzy with long stripes of colour. Teal green, sky blue, lemon yellow, orange and red. They walk past. She giggles. On her back, a pair of shocking pink wings.

I’m attempting the one hundred possessions challenge. A tutu and fairy wings would still leave ninety eight.

It’s all about priorities.


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October 8, 2012 · 3:18 am

The Coat



Your love

my warm woollen over coat.

Either the coat stretched

or I shrank

Maybe both

Maybe neither

Lost in a crowded pocket

I gasped.

A small hole

Your hand scrabbled around



Oh, the hard landing

No familiar warp and weft

In my hand

remains a treasured thread

Though with surprise

I find the air warm.

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Auckland, New Zealand, Tree Protection.

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